Actually this blog was meant to inform you about the ‘things to do’ in Thessaloniki. Things that you do not just find on the tourist websites. But as the blog began to take shape, it turned out to be mostly about food! Not surprising, of course, because anyone who wants to spoil his taste buds is in the right place in this city. Street food, delicacy shops and cozy taverns, you’ll find it all in Thessaloniki. And so you are now about to read a ‘things to taste’ and ‘places to eat’ blog. So that you can easily find your way in the overwhelming offer of Thessaloniki’s kitchen.

Koulouri and bougatsa

Let’s start with the snacks, koulouri for example. Thessaloniki is seen as the birthplace of this bread ring, which has been sold as street food since the past. Then, street vendors wore them in large, wicker baskets on their heads. Now they use small carts and you can also find the koulouri in almost every bakery. And what about bougatsa? Also of this breakfast pastry they can’t get enough in the second largest city of Greece. A bougatsa in one hand and a freddo in the other, a perfect start to your day. And where you get your bougatsa? At To Neon (Fragkon 20) for example, or at To Serraïkon (Vasilis Irakliou 35).

Trigono Panoramatos

These cream-filled filo cones originate from Panorama, a suburb of Thessaloniki. In the past, they were sold only in this neighborhood, located on a high hill. So the city residents back then had to make quite a climb to obtain this sweet! Fortunately, it is made easy for you today and the sweet specialty is made by many confectioners in the city. You can find the most delicious ones at Elinidis (Gounari 13-Tsimiski) or at Konstantinidis (Mitropoleos 119). But of course you can also get them from the well-known chain Terkenlis (Tsimiski 30).


In the heart of Thessaloniki there are two markets where you can still feel the traditional Greek atmosphere: the Kapani market and the Modiano market. But in the streets around them you will also find more than enough delicacy stores. Each one is unique. At Edodimon (Vasilis Irakliou 26) you can try different cheeses from all over Greece. But what is even more special is pastourmas. This specialty of raw, dried meat is usually eaten with a glass of ouzo. The meat is seasoned with a spicy mixture of, among other things, garlic and red peppers. Although pastourmas is now mostly made from beef or goat meat, it used to be made mainly from camel meat.

Traditional and biological

Do you like to eat organic? Then step in at Olicatessen (Victor Hugo 4), near Ladadika. The products sold here are all from small family businesses from all over Greece. Besides olive oil, honey, tahini and marmalades you can also buy fresh products. The employees are happy to explain everything about the products and their manufacture. Step in here also for a responsible snack. The fresh yoghurt with topping of your choice and the homemade cereal bars are to die for! Curious about the store? Then take a look at the website.

A lovely Greek tavern

Traditional Greek dishes can be found in countless places in Thessaloniki. But would you like to taste something in the style of grandma’s kitchen? Then you visit Paradosiako, in the Modiano market. The dishes seem simple, but in reality they taste very special. Owner Makis is in the kitchen every day. The ingredients are as fresh as possible. The fish is purchased daily on the neighboring Kapani market. At Paradosiako you can enjoy your meal among the Greek locals. And that’s how you get completely absorbed in the culture!

Kali orexi (enjoy your meal)!