A new office

A couple of months ago the idea of bringing the concept of ‘Let’s meet in Athens’ to Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece, originated. Not long after that we started our search for a fit place for our new office.

Just like in Athens I wanted to find something in the nicest district of Thessaloniki. Already soon I decided that this would become the district Valaoritou. The district that stole my heart exists mostly of empty houses, alternated with trendy cafes, restaurants, and new concepts from mostly young entrepreneurs.

The search for a suitable property

With so many vacant properties it seemed easy peasy to find a suitable place. In the end it didn’t turn out to be as simple as I though. A lot of real-estate agents weren’t interested, owners didn’t want to rent out their property or we needed permits for water and toilet use.

Because I wanted with our tours in February already, waiting five months for a water permit was not an option. A couple of weeks and disappointments later we finally found our property. It couldn’t have been more beautiful: big enough to store an office desk and all our bicycles, and even in the nicest district of Thessaloniki.

The nicest district of Thessaloniki

Our neighbours are just so nice! Diagonally opposite of us is a trendy bar with original cocktails and a very relaxed audience. Direct next to the bar you find an affordable lunch café with the tastiest dishes. Apart from that, a caterer, a hairdresser and a good restaurant are also situated close to us.

I am so thrilled about opening our office in this neighbourhood, that I decided to write a blog about our neighbours and to shortly introduce them to our followers.

At this fancy lunch café, you can find original dishes like mini tortillas with marinated chicken, cherry tomatoes and grated red cabbage. But also their delicious soups, steamed Asian sandwiches and many more are worth a try. The drinks you order are delivered by the neighbour ‘Gorila’ café.

Special cocktails in an industrial-like decorated property. The bartenders look like they just walked out of a chemistry lab. The audience is relaxed and hip. Here you eat your lunch or dinner, choosing from the dishes of neighbour Mahalo.

Maitr & Margarita
A modern Greek restaurant with particularly tasteful dishes and original ingredients like cheese in kataifi pastry, duck with green lettuce and beef liver with carrot puree and pearl onions!

Event house
Something to organize or celebrate? Then you can rent the Event House. At this moment you find a handcraft cafe, very nice.