Will you soon visit Thessaloniki with your parents? Then you are lucky! In the second largest city of Greece, there is more than enough to experience for children and young people. You can, of course, explore the city on your bike together with Let’s meet in Thessaloniki. But there is more than that. We have put together some of the best activities for you. So you know exactly where you can go with your parents.

Take a cruise with a real pirate!

Have you ever sailed around with a real pirate? In Thessaloniki it is possible! Maybe you can even take a picture with him. In any case, his outfit is more than worth it: sturdy boots, an eye patch, pirate hat and a hook instead of a hand. The pirate allows you on board his ship without paying, but you have to order a drink from his staff. And they will automatically come to you, so all you have to do is choose a nice spot on the ship.

The cruise takes about half an hour. You will pass the White Tower and the port of Thessaloniki. From the boat you have a nice view of the city. The pirate also puts on some nice music, so swinging is allowed!

By boat to Perea or Neoi Epivates

And can’t you get enough of the water? Maybe you can convince your parents to make an even longer boat trip. Without pirate this time. Near Thessaloniki are several small seaside resorts. There you can swim for hours, build sand castles and eat the best ice cream on the boulevard. The boats to these places leave the harbor a few times a day. You can also board across the White Tower. You buy your tickets on the boat. Are you curious about what the boats look like? Then take a look at the photos here.

Playgrounds along the boulevard

The boulevard of Thessaloniki is several kilometers long. There you will find thirteen different gardens, each with their own name. In addition to gardens there are also a skateboarding track, a tennis court, waterfalls and fountains. But also nice cafes and restaurants where you can drink or eat something. Or of course you take an ice cream! If the weather is good, you might also see the Olympus on the other side. The Greeks used to think that their gods lived at the top of that mountain. Now people are going to Olympus mountain for a day of hiking or cycling in the beautiful nature.

Visit a notorious prison

In Thessaloniki there used to be two prisons that were not so well known. They are still there, but now they have become museums. The prison in Ano Poli (the upper city of Thessaloniki) is called Eptapyrgio and is one of the most notorious prisons in Greek history. It was closed thirty years ago and nowadays you can see how the prisoners used to live there. But did you know that the White Tower used to be a prison as well? Back then it was called ‘The Tower of Blood’.

And even longer ago, before the tower was a prison, the ships of the enemy were watched and fired from here. You can still clearly see the gun holes. Now the White Tower has not only become a museum, but also a watchtower. From the top floor (thirty meters high) you have a very nice view over the city.


Waterland is a large aqua park for the whole family. There are several swimming pools with different types of slides. But also pirate islands, a Crazy River and a Tarzan pool. If you have very young brothers or sisters, there is also a special pool for them. Waterland is one of the most exciting water parks in Europe and it is only fifteen minutes by car from the center of Thessaloniki. A fun day out for you and your family! On this page you can already view nice pictures and videos of the park. The staff at Let’s meet in Thessaloniki will gladly tell you how to get there.