The summer is in full swing and in Greece you clearly notice that at the table. Food is an important part of Greek culture. And the dishes served in the summer are real surprises! Amongst other things, the eggplant, the tomato and the watermelon play glorious lead roles. With the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season you will experience the summer even more than you already did. In this blog we have put together a few favorites for you!

The classic: watermelon with feta

The watermelon lives up to its name: it consists of more than ninety percent water. A perfect thirst quencher for the summer months! Moreover, it is also packed with anti-oxidants, so what more could you wish for? It hardly takes time to put it on the table for dessert or snack. For two people you need a large slice of watermelon and about 200 grams of feta. You cut both into cubes and distribute the chopped mint leaves (three branches)on top of it. Finally, drip a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil over it.

Melitzanopita (aubergine pie)

Eggplant is eaten a lot in Greece. Especially in the summer, the markets are full of it. And that the vegetable is so popular amongst the Greeks, is not at all surprising. Thanks to its structure you can use it for many different recipes: you can use it to make salads, oven dishes, but also pita’s. The melitzanopita is easy to make and also suitable for vegetarians. Chef Akis Petretzikis explains step by step how to make this savory pie. Click here for the recipe on his website.

Zucchini cake

Another healthy snack that you can put on the table in no time! Also zucchini is an indispensable ingredient in the Greek cuisine. What do you need for the cake? Two zucchinis (in small cubes), 100 grams of feta (crumbled), 15 mint leaves, 100 milliliters of olive oil, 3 eggs, 100 milliliters of milk, 180 grams of self-rising flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder and salt to taste. How do you proceed? You beat the eggs, the oil and the flour into a batter. You may also add salt. Then add the rest of the ingredients. You bake the cake at 180 degrees in about three quarters of an hour.

Melon smoothie: Greek happiness in a glass

A bit of snacking once in a while is allowed. And that’s why we definitely want to share this recipe with you. It is the taste of the Greek summer in a lemonade glass. For three glasses of summer happiness you will need: 400 milliliters of milk, 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, half a melon (chilled), two tablespoons of honey and 150 grams of Greek yogurt with a low fat percentage. Except for the ice cream you put all the ingredients in the blender and mix them into a whole. After that, you add the vanilla ice cream and repeat the process. Enjoy!

The Greek summer on the table in Thessaloniki

Are you in Thessaloniki one of these days, or will you visit this beautiful city soon? Then also read our blog about all the delicacies that you absolutely must taste here! Thessaloniki is in fact the perfect city to try the Greek cuisine. Of course you can also join our Ride and Bite tour and literally get at taste of it.