Will you be visiting Thessaloniki with a group of friends, colleagues or your family? You have probably already read about the fun (bike)tours we organize, but we do a lot more than just that. We also organize original programmes adjusted to your wishes. We can help you with advice and together we will organize an unforgettable stay in Thessaloniki!

Meet in Thessaloniki

Upon your arrival we make sure that you don’t need to stress about the transfer to your hotel: the chauffeur of your taxi will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall of the airport. Of course, if you need any other transfers during you stay, we can arrange them for you as well.

Together with the group, we will arrange a programme of several tailor-made tours. Tell us what you want to see, and we will complete your stay programme with our own local tips. Below you can find some inspiration for different (day)trips, but feel free to discuss any ideas of your own you might have. Of course it is also possible to organize tours outside of the city.

Some suggestions:

Daytrip to Vergina and the Timios Prodromus monastery

This daytour to Vergina and the Timios Prodromus monastery leaves per (mini)bus from Thessaloniki. After a 45 minute drive you will reach the village of Vergina. About 40 years ago, Vergina was nothing more than a low hill, overgrown with grass. Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos suspected that there had to be something more in the area and he was right. Beneath the hill he found the complete, intact graves of Alexander the Great and his family. Even his belongings, such as clothes, gold, weapons and toys were found inside the graves, in good condition.

After a short trip through the vineyards, not too far from Vergina, we find the special, orthodox Timios Prodromus monastery. Even just the phenomenal view over the green mountains and the rivers is worth the trip. The monastery is one of few left in the surroundings and the monks happily guide us around. The central church, which is full of colourful icons, is a beautiful sight, just like the small chapels on the grounds of the monastery. These chapels are dedicated to one or more saints from the neighbourhood.


Daytrip or two-day trip with an overnight stay to the monasteries of Meteora

The monasteries of Meteora, close to the village of Kalambaka, are one of the most impressive sights in all of Greece. The typical monasteries, build on top of incredibly steep sandrocks, are being visited by countless tourists every year.

The Meteora consist of six “floating” monasteries. The Greek word meteorizomai means ‘to float in the air’, and especially during winter time, when the monasteries are veiled under fog and clouds, its meaning becomes clear. Mysterious and impressive are the best description of the high rocks that stand like giants in the valley. The monasteries stand proudly on top of these rocks.

The history of this magical sight goes back to the end of the 11th century. Originally, there used to be as much as 24 monasteries, but nowadays only six of them are inhabited. Two are still living according to the monastic regime, the other four are museums and tourist attractions.

We offer daytrips to the monasteries of Meteora, but it is also possible to spend the night and stay in these beautiful and magical surroundings.