There are plenty of summer events in Thessaloniki. Exactly what you expect from a city which is always bursting with life! In 1997 Thessaloniki was the cultural capital of Europe. A title that it is still worth to this day. The numerous museums, theaters and monuments are all proof of the influential cultural position of the city. But there is more than that. What special events does Thessaloniki have in store for you in the coming months?

Street Mode Festival

Street Mode is a music, art and sports festival that this year takes place in Thessaloniki for the tenth time. Today, with an attendance of 40,000 visitors, it can call itself the largest festival in northern Greece. Five different stages will be set up on the site for the performances. You can expect street art, skateboard demonstrations, free running, MC battles and dance. The music varies from hip-hop and reggae to punk rock. On the Street Mode Festival website you can find information about the line-up and more things.

Other things you want to know

When? Thursday, August 30 until Sunday, September 2
Where? 26is Oktovriou 15, opposite the port (in the Palea Sfagia area)
What does it cost? A one day visit costs € 10, -. For two days you pay € 20, -. When you visit more than two days, you will receive a discount: € 24, – for three days and € 30, – for four days.

Thessaloniki Beer Festival

The Thessaloniki Beer Festival takes place at the same time as the Street Mode Festival. So it might be difficult choosing which one to visit! The largest beer garden in Greece will open its doors for three days on Friday 31 August from 5 pm. The organizers call it a taste and culture festival. You learn a lot about the history and cultural aspects of beer. But also, you can take part in cooking and cocktail workshops with beer as the basic ingredient. Hundreds of beer types can be found in the beer garden. You can taste while enjoying the music of different DJs and bands. The Thessaloniki Beer Festival is undoubtedly one of the most popular summer events in Thessaloniki!

Other things you want to know

When? Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September
Where? TIF Helexpo (Egnatia 154)
What does it cost? There is no entrance fee. For tastings, workshops and more you pay directly at the spot.

Thessaloniki International Fair

Thessaloniki International Fair is the most important exhibition in Greece and one of the most important in Southeast Europe. Like every year, a theme country is chosen. This time the honor goes to the United States. Among other companies, Microsoft, Google and Coca Cola will be represented. All well-established names with an influential role in international business. At the Thessaloniki International Fair you will find the most diverse themes. Technology, education, fashion, food and vehicles are a number of examples. You can check the website for the detailed program.

Other things you want to know

When? Saturday 8 to Sunday 16 September
Where? TIF Helexpo (Egnatia 154)
What does it cost? The entrance fees are not available to date

Will you soon stay in perhaps the most multicultural city of Greece? Then do net let go of the chance to visit one of these summer events in Thessaloniki. But also, do not forget to visit the rest of the city, of course! In this blog, you can read about some of the most important must-sees of the city.