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Dutch Cortina bikes in Greece

It is already 4 years ago that Monique van Hulst bought 17 Dutch Cortina bikes from ‘De Geus tweewielers’ in Oud-Beijerland. The bikes were immediately transported to Athens. Her bike tour company “Let’s Meet in Athens” is now an established name in Athens. There are now 45 Cortina bicycles. Every day they attract the attention of astonished Greeks when they cycle in groups through the streets of this metropolis.

Almost no one rides a bicycle in Athens and that is exactly why it is safe. Motorists and bystanders are often so surprised when they see a group of grandma bikes pass by that they automatically stop and gaze for a while. They shout “Bravo!” and wave cheerfully. After heavy times of crisis in Greece new initiatives are greatly appreciated.

Dutch Cortina bikes

Although Monique sometimes misses her birthplace Oud-Beijerland, she never thinks about leaving Greece. The country has stolen her heart and the success of her business has made it possible to expand further. During her last visit to Oud-Beijerland, she sat around the table with Pieter de Geus of De Geus tweewielers to discuss expansion plans. Athens now has enough bicycles, but a second destination was high on her wish list.


Thessaloniki in the north of Greece is a beautiful city with an interesting history and culturally many possibilities. With direct daily flights of Transavia from Amsterdam this seemed like a logical next step. And to a new city belongs a new colour of bike, Pieter said. He told enthusiastically about the new Cortina 2018 models. The green/blue Cortinas were transported to Thessaloniki almost immediately upon arrival. Also here, every day proudly is spoken about the cooperation with De Geus, the bicycle store where Monique once received her very first children’s bicycle as a present.

Cycling in Thessaloniki

What can you expect of a bike tour in Thessaloniki? The second largest city in Greece is much less known than Athens, but at least just as fun. Here, too, our bike tours are accompanied by enthusiastic English- spreaking tour leaders who easily show you the best spots in the city. They know the stories about history and Greek culture because they have been living in the city for years. We visit local markets, pass by many of the highlights and you will also get all the tips about great food and drinks throughout the city.

Round trip Northern Greece

Furthermore, Thessaloniki could also be the perfect start for a round trip through Northern Greece, which can also be mapped out by Monique and her colleagues. Do you want to see more of Greece than just one of the cities? Then you might want to consider a car journey.
In addition to cycling and walking tours, Monique also organizes package travel holidays along the most beautiful places in Northern Greece.

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