Would you like to combine a sporty activity with a lovely day at the beach? Then we might have a suggestion for you. From the center of Thessaloniki you can take the boat to various nearby seaside resorts: Neoi Epivates, Agia Triada and Perea. In less than an hour you exchange city life for the soft sand between your toes. And you can also take your bike with you. Our colleague Mirjam tried it out for you and took our trendy green Cortina bike with her on board.


Karavakia (Greek for ‘small boats’) is the general name for the three different boats that take you from Thessaloniki to the pleasant beaches. They are also referred to as ‘Thessaloniki Waterbus’. The boats themselves are called Agios Giorgos, Konstantis and Olympia. For all three boats, you can choose from two pick-up points: the port and the White Tower. The Agios Giorgos and the Konstantis take you to Neoi Epivates and then Perea. The Olympia gets you to Perea via Agia Triada. The departure times are indicated at the boarding points themselves. But you can also find a handy overview of the departure times on their website.

Tip: are you going to do this daytrip on one of the weekends during the busy summer months? Then make sure to board at the port. That way availability is more certain.

On board

The boats have a capacity for a maximum of ten bicycles, so you can get on board with a small group of cyclists. You will be helped by the friendly staff storing your bike on board. As soon as the boat leaves, you will enjoy the view of the extensive boulevard of Thessaloniki. You also pass by the beautiful district of Kalamaria and ‘Palataki’. Literally you can translate this with ‘small palace’. This beautiful building used to be the residence for the head of government. The boat trip takes about 50 minutes and you buy a ticket on board. For a single ticket you pay € 3.50 per person.


After you have sniffed fresh sea air on board and enjoyed the wind in your hair, you set foot ashore again. In Perea for example. Perea is the largest of the three seaside resorts and also has many different shops and beach bars. From the boat you plump down in no time on one of the many sunbeds, right by the sea. Personal tip from Mirjam is Paso all day café bar. Here you do not pay for your sunbed, but only for the consumptions you order. From the large sandy beach you have a nice view of Thessaloniki. This is enjoying to the max!

Explore the area by bike

In which of the three places you eventually land, you obviously have not taken your bike with you for no reason. So, you can drive around on the wide boulevard. But Perea and Neoi Epivates are also connected by the six kilometer long boulevard. On the one hand you have a beautiful sandy beach with clear blue water, and on the other hand an extensive range of cafés and taverns. You stop for a drink or a bite wherever and whenever you want.

Chances are you left your bike at home when you came to celebrate your holiday in Thessaloniki and surroundings. But do you now feel like a beach day with the two-wheeler? Then send an e-mail to info@meetinthessaloniki.eu for the possibilities of a self-guided bike tour. The Karavakia still serve until the end of September.