Do you like traditional Greek food? Then a holiday to Thessaloniki is definitely something for you, since Thessaloniki is known as Greece’s culinary paradise.

The surprising flavours that you will find in Thessaloniki’s cuisine are due to the Ottomans’ domination and the presence of a large Jewish society.

This interesting history presents a colourful palette of dishes. Armenian spices, authentic Greek recipes, and local ingredients make Thessaloniki’s cuisine special. The locals certainly know what good food is.

What can you expect from the culinary scene?

In the mood for good food? Then follow your nose! Greek locals sell delightful food on every corner of the street. During your visit, you must try Bougatsa and Koulouri. According to the locals, your visit is not complete without tasting the aforementioned breakfast snacks. However, these are not the only culinary delights that Thessaloniki offers.

Do you want to taste something else? No problem. Your taste buds will be stimulated at the Kapani and Modiano markets, where your culinary experience starts. Here, you will always be greeted with a kalimera and a smile. The merchants open not only their shops but also their hearts.

Thessaloniki was a central point of the trade route to the Middle East in Byzantine times. As a result, spices, in particular, make the dishes of Thessaloniki unique.

Where do you go to experience the local environment and taste?

The city is known for its hospitality. A good example of this hospitality is a free dessert. Are you looking for something special? Then go for lunch between locals and market participants in the Modiano market! Family tavernas with dishes from Greek grandmothers can be found here, and you have the opportunity to assemble your plate together with the cook. You can find the active nightlife in the unique nightlife districts Ladadika and Valaritou. Are you looking for excellent tavernas? You can find these in car-free alleys.

Boodschappen op de Kapani marktGriekse locals

Do you like to cook?

Have you become excited about Greek cuisine? Then make delicious memories and walk with Mirjam through various popular markets. Experience her enthusiasm for Greek cuisine and enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience at the Kapani Market. Sipping Greek coffee among the locals forms part of this unique experience. Boek hier te tour.

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