How do you make a city trip fun for children? This is a question that many parents ask. Most children don’t like to spend hours walking through the city. But what should you do instead? Fortunately, Thessaloniki has many fun activities, so children can also enjoy a city trip here.

Climbing and scrambling

The long boulevard in Thessaloniki is known for its playgrounds, sports, and skate parks. While you enjoy the sun, your children get to play. A nice place to go after a hectic day!

Water fun in Thessaloniki

Waterland is a 15-minute drive from Thessaloniki. It’s a water park for young and old, with everything from slides to a zen pool.

De leukste activiteiten voor kinderen - waterpretDe leukste activiteiten in Thessaloniki - waterpretDe leukste activiteiten voor kinderen - waterpret









Imagine yourself in a special world

Noesis is a great place for families interested in technology and astronomy. There are exhibitions on different subjects such as electricity, automotive engineering, and magnetism. You can do almost anything here. For example, there is a simulator that allows you to float around the moon. Or swim with white sharks. In the simulator, you imagine yourself in a unique world. Noesis also has craft workshops where your child can get creative. Check the Noesis website for more information.

Do you need an adrenaline rush?

Do you like action? Then spend a day at Magic Park. Here you will find multiple attractions for young and old!

magic park


piratenbootThe pirate boat

The Arbella Cruise is an enjoyable trip for young and old. A pirate invites you to join the boat trip, which leaves at all times throughout the day. You do not need to make a reservation, and entrance is free. You only pay for a drink. The route goes through the bay, and it is a super fun activity for the whole family.

Discover Thessaloniki on a Dutch Cortina bicycle

You can visit all the famous highlights by bike, and the children can enjoy taking selfies for Instagram at famous places. The tour passes the White Tower, the umbrella artwork, the food markets, and much more. There are no boring stories in a language that the children don’t understand, but fun details in English. You can do the tour with other families or privately with your own family. Both are possible at Let’s meet in Thessaloniki.

Book your bike tour here.

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